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I am available to help you make progress in a variety of different formats, whether that be private one-on-one tuition or as part of a group in a workshop or clinic. Tuition is available at my exclusive facility in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, or at your own venue.


Private Lessons: These lessons are a time for you and your horse to puzzle-solve with the complete attention of the instructor. The lessons can cover Online, Liberty and/or Freestyle Savvys, from Levels 1 through 4, and a minimum of 2 hours, maximum of 3 hours.

Group Lessons: There will be 2-6 students per lesson, and they will range from 2-3 hours. Lessons can cover Online, Liberty and/or Freestyle Savvys, from Levels 1 through 4.

Workshops: Workshops are either run for a half or full-day, for a maximum of 6 students, and will often have a theme (such as trailer loading, or zone 5 driving for example).

Clinics: A clinic may be for one or two whole days, for a maximum of 6 students, and will usually cover multiple Savvys and/or have a particular theme, such as Fluidity, or Bridleless riding.

In order to maximize my teaching time, there will be a two-hour booking minimum per venue.


Please note: in order to make the most of your lesson, the basic equipment of a halter, Carrot Stick™ and string, and 12′ and/or 22′ line is essential. Freestyle lessons will also require the use of a suitable hard hat as a minimum. I am happy to advise on saddles and saddle pads, as well as the appropriate use of hackamore or bridle for riding.

Arena/facility hire should be arranged and paid for by the students. For group bookings please appoint a co-ordinator to organise the day, collect booking forms and payment. A 50% deposit will secure a booking.

Stallions and horses with extremely challenging behaviour are not permitted.

Please be prepared for all types of weather!